"I'll quit tomorrow" is what he tells himself.

Nathan Adamson is a former SEAL, now a member of CIA's Special Operations Group. He's been doing dangerous work for  many years and it has cost him. He has no family, no attachments. Save one. Sophia. A nearly hundred-year-old veteran of the French Resistance. She is his friend, confidant, and mentor, with a few secrets of her own.


When Nathan is deployed into Siberia, Sophia is left alone. Her mind is slipping, fading. Haunted by ghosts of long-dead enemies, she withers away in obscurity. Until a news story reveals one of those old ghosts never died.


Sophia's past and Nathan's present collide. They'll have to lean on each other to survive. Even as the world races towards war, these two spooks will find a common enemy, one that could push the world beyond the brink and into self-destruction.

Kirkus Reviews


"A stirring spy tale with two unforgettable protagonists."

"Huskins keeps the plot moving with a steady supply of action ... and myriad twists."

And "...pages with indelible imagery."

Published by Nine Dusks Entertainmet, LLC