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Shinobi Conspiracy at Izu Harbor

By Chad Huskins

A legendary samurai warrior. A powerful warlord. A skilled assassin. A woman of deceitful power. Their stories collide in this epic tale of ancient Japan, during the bloodiest feudal era in history.


Lord Ishimoto has returned home to Izu , but all is not as it once was. Thousands of dead are heaped high at Osaka Castle. The Tokugawa shogunate has control over the Emperor, and thus the whole Empire.

And now, swords sing and the arrows fly as war comes to Izu Province...and the shadows are always moving.


By Chad Huskins

A strange new world with primitive life. A mysterious and ancient starship. An energy resource with limitless possibilities. All these make the planet Kinjin a controversial discovery. Wade Vickers, former Space Marine and now an Arbiter of Law, pits himself against a corrupt corporation that will do anything, including ending his life, to bury the truth of Kinjin. But his real challenge is how to prove the sentience, and therefore the civil rights, of an entire race of beings?

Waves Crash & Seas Split

By Chad Huskins

It is the year 127 N.A. The Emperor and All-God, Maliki-li, has been assassinated.

The Empire has split. Lands that once belonged to the All-God and his line for a thousand years have been torn asunder. Lords once loyal to Maliki-li allowed old wounds to be reopened. Territories and fiefs have now been divided amongst a hundred feuding lords. This includes the oceans of the World and the World is crumbling.

The waters now belong to everyone, and no one…

Khan In Rasputin's Shadow

By Chad Huskins

In the Colorado desert, an Administrative Maximum US Penitentiary, or "Supermax", home to over two hundred of the most dangerous inmates, is the target for two operatives, codenamed "Khan" and "Rasputin", that work for a shadow agency known only as the Axis Group. Khan is a former U.S. Special Forces operative, at retirement age but selling his services as mercenary to Axis. Rasputin is younger, more energetic, and is a lifelong survivalist, tracker, and stealth expert who was recruited by Axis a few years ago. Working together for the first time, they must infiltrate Supermax and extract an inmate known only by his designation in the federal prison records as Prisoner 866. But when it seems Axis has sent an assassin "sweeper" to silence them both, the origins, ethics, and motives of their faceless employers come into question

The Devil in the Dust Bowl

By Chad Huskins

It is the mid 1930’s, and the United States is suffering from the worst drought in history. Crops won’t grow, food is scarce, and massive winds carry tons of choking dust a thousand miles across the country. 

Caleb Ludgate, a thirteen-year-old boy living in Kansas at the center of the Dust Bowl crisis, claims he encountered,  a snake-oil salesman named Blaine Ackerman. Caleb’s story would be not be exceptional except for his claim that the salesman was, in reality, the Devil walking the earth. And that he challenged him and lived to tell the tale.

Zero Star

By Chad Huskins

Mechs, guns, and blades determine one’s fate on the battlefield during the Fall of Man. Scattered across the galaxy, the Republic of Aligned Worlds is in decline. Many colonies have become lost for thousands of years, and a threat known as the Brood rips through the civilizations of both mankind and alien alike.

A soldier, a senator and a stellarpath all move on separate paths, driven by their fears, desires and pasts toward a mankind resurgent or final defeat by the Brood. Each brings a piece of a larger puzzle, left by an ancient race of beings known only as the Strangers, who mysteriously vanished two million years ago.

Lady of Drith

By Chad Huskins

At the center of a vast civilization lies Drith, a city that has harnessed the power of steam, electricity, and magic. Drea Kalder is the last of her noble House. Her father murdered, her mother the victim of suicide, she has no one left to turn to when all seems lost, except her best friend Thryis. Drea and Thryis enter a cauldron of intrigue—mages, secret societies, and a magic-wielding gunslinger known only as Lady Blackveil, who may have answers to her family’s downfall.

But Drea has only one code left to live by. The code of her once-great House: Kalder does not bend.

Just A Phase

By Chad Huskins

What would you do if you could phase through solid matter? What if, when you phased out, you briefly entered a higher, darker dimension, where unseen menaces swam just beyond your sight? What would you do if something followed you back?

Duncan Piot never had it easy. Wracked with life-draining OCD, anxiety, and feelings of inadequacy, he's only ever sought peace and quiet. But after a fellow guard goes missing, he begins to suspect one of the creatures, from what he calls the Dark Zone, has followed him into our world, and it's waiting for him. Wracked by guilt, plagued by nightmares, he has only two choices: run away, or face the terror. But if he confronts the Enemy and fails, it could mean unleashing the entirety of the Dark Zone upon our world.

Published by Nine Dusks Entertainmet, LLC